The Mexican doctor Goiz Isaac Duran discovered in 1988 the Biomagnetic Pair therapeutic technique.

This therapy uses pairs of magnets that balance the pH of the body thus helping the body to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. This technique is highly succesfull in a broad range of diseases.

Medical biomagnetism does not focus on the symptoms of a disease, but rather on its etiological causes. And it does so without the need of laboratory tests.

The Biomagnetic Pair is primarily a preventive therapy, and it is also curative. It is a clean and cheap technique. Its theoretical principles are quite simple to understand and it does not require much learning time.
There are currently thousands of therapists in the world who are dedicated to medical magnetism.
And this number continues to grow exponentially. Millions of patients have already been successfully treated of serious or chronic ailments sometimes. This is why the Biomagnetic Pair therapy has undoubtly a brilliant future ahead.

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